Sunday, August 26, 2007

Audi is going to issue convertible A5

Audi A5Audi plans to begin a year from the industrial assembly cabriolet A5 - this car will join the recently appears coupe already uspevshemu win many fans. Production of the graceful open-top buses will be established at the plant in Nekarsulme, Germany. As expected, the new cabriolet to replace the open version of the A4.Unlike its main competitor, the BMW 3-series convertible from Audi receive lighter stuffed roof, which will allow developers to save on production and make the final price more attractive to a buyer. Ruler engines remain the same, the hood can be found friends A5 coupe gas and diesel engines, power from 168 to 262 litres. With. Sports modification S5 and RS5 traditionally schegolyat be specially created for such vehicles highly V8 engine. As transmissions will be offered "six-engineer" or alternating CVT.In the next few years, Audi is preparing to put on the market several models of open-top. Next to exit A5 cabriolet, the public will be open version sportkara R8 called Spider, and by the end of 2009 will see the light dvuhdverny roof A7gmc new york


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