Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Audi R8 downed in Moscow

The Audi R8 isn't even on sale yet in most parts of the globe, but already we've heard of cars going up in flames in Germany and now we have a story about one that's gone amok in downtown Moscow. From the images, it appears the driver lost of control of the car in the wet weather, skidded across onto the median strip and then crashed into a small tree before spinning to a stop. The car must have been traveling at some speed because the crash managed to rip out the car's headlight out, projecting it several meters away onto a small patch of grass.

Every time we see a crashed exotic, we wonder when more car companies will start offering some kind of advanced driver training course as part of the car's purchase. Then again, there's no way to prevent the stupidity that makes someone want to speed in a built-up urban area in the wet. We hope the driver was at least smart enough to have insurance because it appears this R8 will have one very hefty repair bill.

Source: http://news.euro-truck.biz/autoblog/audi-r8-downed-in-moscow/

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